The Worst Things About Medical Marijuana in America

The worst thing about medical marijuana in America, according to an infographic produced by the Marijuana Policy Project, is the fact that it is so readily available.

The group, which tracks marijuana policy, created the infographic, which features facts about marijuana across the country, to help people understand the state’s medical marijuana law and how they can find the most effective options for their family, friends, and patients.

In a statement to IGN, the Marijuana Project said the infographic “has been a boon to medical marijuana advocates in our community, which has enabled them to provide more resources to help those in need.”

“We are grateful to have the help of the Marijuana Policies Project, a leading voice in cannabis policy advocacy, and appreciate their support to help us continue to advance the cause of ending prohibition,” the statement continued.

“While the graphic does not include the full scope of the medical marijuana laws in every state, we believe it is an important first step in providing information about how medical marijuana is available in those states.”

The Marijuana Policy Group, the group behind the infographic and the original story, is not the only group behind a medical marijuana infographic that was created with the help and guidance of the MCP.

The Marijuana Advocates for Safe Access (MAP) created a similar infographic to help inform people on medical marijuana access in the state of California, which passed a medical cannabis law in 2015.

The map is a great resource to those seeking a better understanding of medical marijuana.

However, MAP did not include a map for every state.

Instead, the map was created for states with more than 10,000 people who requested medical marijuana, including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Vermont, and Maine.

A few states, like New Mexico and Hawaii, were included, but the group said they did not have enough information to create an accurate representation of how medical cannabis is distributed.

MAP is also behind the original infographic and a companion infographic for users looking to access medical marijuana without an attorney, although the original was only a few hundred pages long.

While MAP did provide an accurate map of all of the state medical marijuana facilities, the original graphic does have a map of marijuana stores in each state, but it does not show a complete list of stores.