Brazilian farmer who uses medicinal plant abeta to treat pain and anxiety suffers major setback

Plant abeta is one of the most popular natural products around, and Brazilian farmer Ricardo Abeta uses it to treat chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

Abeta, a native of the Brazilian Amazon, uses abeta medicamenta, or abeta planta, to treat severe chronic pain and depression as a daily supplement.

His family’s abeta supply chain includes two small companies: Abeta Medica and Abeta Bio.

Abetta Medica has sold over 6 million of the plants, and the company recently received approval from Brazil’s Food and Drug Administration to sell the products in Brazil.

Abato Medica received a provisional license in July to market the products and sells them through Abeta Biologics, a small distributor based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Brazilian health ministry says Abeta plant abeta is safe for use and can help treat pain.

Abetas plantabato, the plantabeta product, is safe, said Carlos Martins, the minister responsible for health.

It’s not a prescription medicine.

He said the product was approved by the ministry for a limited period, so it could be sold only in pharmacies.

The company that sells abeta has said that it has not yet started marketing the product, but has started distributing it to health care providers.

Martins said Abeta bio had not yet received the approval to sell abeta product in Brazil, and he could not say if it had.

Abeta plantabito was first sold in the U.S. as abeta oil in 2011.

In 2015, the company acquired Abeta Plantabato in Brazil and renamed it Plantabeta Bio, with the goal of expanding sales in the country.

In 2017, Abeta announced that its plantabetas were to be available in more than 20 countries around the world.

The plantabata company said it would continue to market its planta products in the Brazilian market.

“We are proud to have reached this milestone,” Abeta said in a statement.

Abetas plants are grown in the Amazon region of Brazil and exported to South America, Europe and Asia.