CBD for Parkinson’s disease patient: ‘The best option’

Selling medicinal plants to Parkinson’s patients may be the best option to relieve the crippling pain caused by the disease, according to medicinal plant specialist Dr Andrew Williams.

Key points:Dr Williams says it’s likely the CBD can help treat patients with pain and anxietyDr Williams is working with Parkinson’s Australia to test the efficacy of CBD for pain, anxiety and depression.

“I think CBD will do what it can to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s but the fact that it’s proven effective with Parkinson and other forms of pain in the past is what has helped us understand the medicinal properties of this plant,” he said.

“So the more we can get the medicinal benefits out of this, the more likely it is that we can bring it to other people suffering with similar symptoms.”

It’s very promising.

“Dr Williams has been working with the Australian Institute of Medical Research (AIIMR) to study CBD’s therapeutic properties, and said the research would soon be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.”

If you look at it in the abstract, the research doesn’t really say much.

But we’ll be looking at a clinical trial later this year with a cohort of Parkinson patients,” he explained.”

They’re looking at two compounds, one CBD and the other one that’s already approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and then we’ll look at their response to those two compounds.”‘

The more CBD we can make, the better’The research will be conducted in a clinical setting, which means that CBD may be administered to patients in the setting of a clinic, but it’s unlikely it will be taken by patients in their homes.

Dr Williams said there was an opportunity for CBD to be administered in a safe and ethical way, with no risks to the patients or the environment.”

We’re going to be doing our best to make sure that it doesn’t pose a risk to anyone else,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s The Morning Show.”

There’s no question about it, we’re going after the CBD that’s currently in the market, so there’s no risks.

“Dr William said CBD would not be available in Australia until 2020.”

The research is now underway in Australia and we’ll get it out in 2020, we’ll have a full clinical trial of the CBD, but the research is still ongoing,” he added.

Dr William says it was possible CBD could be used to treat Parkinson’s in the future.”

Certainly the evidence is there that CBD can work and can help to alleviate pain, but we’re not there yet,” he noted.”

What we’ve been doing with the Parkinson’s trials is trying to understand how it works in Parkinson’s and it looks like it may work with other conditions that cause similar pain and it may help to relieve some of the symptoms.

“I do think there’s an opportunity in the longer term for us to look at other compounds that have potential to work for Parkinson.”

The research project will be carried out at AIIMR’s Institute for Medicinal Chemistry and Biotechnology, in a facility in Melbourne’s inner west.

“Our main goal is to get CBD into the market to make it available in clinical trials in 2020,” Dr Williams said.

He said there had been some success with CBD in treating patients with Parkinson, but more research was needed to confirm its potential.

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