How to grow guasimo (Toronjilla planta) medicinal plant

According to the plant’s owner, the plant can be used for both medicinal and medicinal purposes.

The plant, whose name is also spelled guasimito, is used as a medicine for nausea, headaches and heart problems, among other ailments.

The medicinal properties of guasima planta plant are said to be based on the fact that it is a natural source of guaifenesin, the compound responsible for the production of a number of hallucinogenic substances, including LSD.

In addition, it is also said to possess the ability to suppress appetite and to suppress the body’s immune system.

In the end, this is why guasimarito is also used to treat cancer patients.

According to the owner, guasimbosil is made from the roots of the guasimi plant, which is cultivated in southern Colombia and Peru.

This plant was used for centuries in Colombia, where it is considered to be one of the oldest medicines in the world.

It was believed to cure cancer.

According the plant is said to produce a variety of medicines, including hallucinogens.

In addition, guanabosil and guanopan are considered to produce other hallucinogen-like substances.

According an article published by The Associated Press, the guisimito plant is considered by many to be the only medicine in the Americas that has a history of producing hallucinogenesis.

It is said that it was used in the Philippines in the 13th century to treat the sickness caused by malaria, as well as to cure diseases of the heart, lungs, skin, and eyes.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in an email to the AP that the guasaimito was brought to Colombia from Peru in 1612, and was exported to the United States, which in turn exported it to Peru in 1813.

The plant is currently being cultivated in Colombia’s Amazon jungle, but the plants roots were not harvested.