ASPAROGUS is a medicinal plant found throughout the world.

Its a medicinal medicinal plant that is full of oxygen and is good for breathing.

It has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, but the drug’s usage has soared in recent years as the US government and pharmaceutical companies have made it available to treat many ailments.RTE reporter Rachael McEwan was speaking to the author, a medical practitioner, who has been working with ASPARUGUS for many years.

She said: ‘It’s a full of fuel, it contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it’s a lot different than any other medicine that we know of.’

It’s the biggest medicinal plant in the world, it comes from Africa.

It’s a miracle drug that can treat the most common illnesses and it has been available to many people around the world.’RTE’s Newsroom, an investigative programme, has been covering the story for several years.’

They have been sold illegally in the United States and China for years, so we knew it was time to tell their story,’ said the author.

‘We were able to do this through our reporting and we did it on a national scale.’

We got people from all over Ireland, from all walks of life and it was a real eye opener for me and for the readers.”

We are working with the Irish Government to make sure ASPARGUS is not allowed to be sold in Ireland.’

Rachael and her team are working to get ASPARGHUS out of Ireland.

She hopes that with her documentary and her work in Ireland and the UK, ASPARGS medicinal plant will find wider use in Ireland.’

Ireland is the biggest country in the EU where there are no restrictions on what people can take.’

So I hope that with ASARGUS being released here and in Ireland, it will spread.’

The fact that it is available in Ireland means that we are able to continue to do our work here.’

Asparagus is an important part of Ireland’s diet and I hope it will continue to grow.’

Irish people should have access to asparagus, it is the best herb for their digestive system and it is a fantastic supplement to a healthy diet.’

I think that it will really help people, that’s what we hope.”

The truth is ASARGHUS is amazing.’